Welcome to Little Friends Nursery School.

Our aim is to develop each child and unlock their true potential.

We encourage each child in our school to be the best possible person they can be.

Our school is grounded in Christian principals, but anyone is welcome!

Little Friends was founded in June 1989 and has been offering the highest quality education ever since.

Busy Bees

2 – 3 years

Star Class (Gr. 000)

3-4 years

Sun Class (Gr.00)

4-5 years

Moon Class (Gr.0)

5-6 years

Every class has a teacher with a dedicated assistant, creating an optimal ratio between children and teacher.

We offer freshly prepared meals at school every day:




Tea time (Snack with tea)


Cooked lunch, fruit and cold drink


Sandwich with tea or cold drink


We understand that birthdays are a big deal for young children and that’s why we encourage parents to send a sweet treat along with the birthday boy / girl that we share with the class. A special birthday crown is made and ‘Happy Birthday’ is sung in class, to make it an extra special day.

All you need to know


Our academic program features a new theme every week, ensuring children get educated in a range of fundamental and interesting topics. Lessons are presented in a fun way to make learning more enjoyable.


Our school is well equipped with spacious classrooms, toddler friendly bathrooms, and well kept playgrounds featuring different jungle gyms and play apparatus.


We follow the G.D.E curriculum, and school will be closed for a period, from the 15th of December every year. Our school program is divided in quarters and rapport cards are usually given during June and December, so parents receive adequate feedback of how their child is progressing at school. During school holidays we follow a holiday program.

Tuck Shop

Every Friday is tuck shop at school. Please remember to bring money for a tuck shop treat.

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